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Email Not published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mark, as mentioned I had issues getting it to perform some basic functions. Re expansion of the program I think there are some. Net framework features you could take advantage of to differentiate your tethering software from the rest.

Using the. Net framework Raw codec support would be one. Essentially you are competing with import programs such as Downloader Pro so their feature sets might inspire further expansion. This works like a charm…I then have lightroom 2. Surprised about the bug you mentioned though, I used it just a few nights ago for some self portraits of me and my wife and shot both jpg while setting up the lights and raw for final.

And it worked correctly, or at least so it seemed. I have experience the bug with multiple versions over multiple months. If it works fine for you maybe it is camera specific I have a Nikon D70S or there is something about my PC setup that changes its operation? Either way its an annoyance rather than a real problem. The script is still my main tool for tethered shooting. Is it possible for you to give me a hand of how to start off using it? Will have to give it a go, and add it to the commercial section if I can get it working. Particularly if it plays nice with the D70S!

Yes, the default Lightroom tethering approach Auto Import is slow. Will have to wait and see if later drops of the LR3 beta decide to tackle this issue. Interesting site; it has wet my appetite. Will the camera support live view at all? Stuart, Live view is a feature built into your camera that the APIs allow you to access.

The Photo Geek » Choosing Tethered Shooting Software for Nikon DSLR Cameras

Involves hardware participation, namely swinging the mirror out of the road so the sensor can see through the lens. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Till then Bridge works fine for me as a viewer! Matt: Yes it should work with your D70s, Nikon cameras have an excellent PTP implementation and work out-of-the-box with Windows Vista and 7 in particular, without manufacturer driver, so they also work on x If any.

I am currently evaluating NKremote with a D Works well to control the camera, including live view. There are two things it does NOT do, and I wondered if anyone had any other suggestions. First, NKremote does not seem to allow you to name the image files, so you have to accept the file structure the program creates.

Second, there is no way of reducing the file sizes as they are captured, so the smallest file you can create is the smallest one the camera will output. Right now I hae to capture the images using NKremote, and then downsize the images separately before I can use them. Different file naming schemes are more likely to be available though. Alternatively you could just use another tool script?

On Windows I know that XnView allows you to create batch processing scripts that should be able to do these tasks for you. Hi I have a D70S. Mostly they try to transfer the photos and USB is very slow to give me 3fps.

So I really need a program that can do the triggering and the camera store the photos. DIYPhotoBits is a step in the right direction as it allows me to take the photo only without transferring it , but for some reason it is slow at giving the order 6 photos in 10 seconds. Anyone knows another solution? Djago, I think the protocol DIYPhotoBits uses is relatively slow, and as you have noted the other programs are unlikely to support trigger only tethering.

I suspect that the WIA Aut interface is waiting for the camera to say the image taking process is complete before returning control. And most importantly it has no controls to adjust camera values between shots so no bracketing. It would be pure timelapse.

Choosing Tethered Shooting Software for Nikon DSLR Cameras

It uses the Nikon SDK for controlling the camera. Hi, I have just recently downloaded DIYphotobits and after some trial and error have finally got it to work with my sony laptop and my wee nikon D My question is, I take most of my pictures in portrait and was wondering if there is a way of setting the view images up to display in in this format as they are coming in landscape.

I had the same problem with my D, namely, when in live view and tethered to the computer, a wireless remote shutter release will not focus and fire the shot.

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Unplug the tether, the wireless release works flawlessly, or turn off live view and it again works. Is something in the program shutting down that function for some reason? Do you know if any of the programs mentioned here will support using a remote to release the shutter. It might be a design feature though so check your manuals to see if this combination is supported.

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There should be little difference electronically between this and a wired remote so that should be OK. The easiest way to be certain is try one of the free Nikon SDK based options to confirm it works with your equipment. I think this is just a limitation of the camera. I can confirm this on the D40, D80 and D Without it, you will not be able to capture the pictures from the camera on the computer.

I have been hearing lots of good feedback about it though. Great overview. I have a large event to shoot this month and need to quickly display portraits from my D to my MacBook Pro. After finding this article, I downloaded the beta build for Sofortbild, now supporting LiveView, and tried it out last night. I dont want to auto review the most recent photo.

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If your assistant uses another collection e. Old dude here and retired, returning to photography after 50 years.

TetherPro USB 2.0 to Mini-B 5-Pin

Things have changed. Digital has sucked me back into the insanity. Have now run through a D80 to a D90 and plan to leap to full frame when the D is replaced. I am putting together a small home studio AlienBees and wanting to tether to an old Dell XP just to review, not control, my shots for exposure, pose, etc.. Thoughts please. Several beers to you should you care to consider replying..

Thanks dude….. If you take raw photos it is much quicker to process using Lightroom, though it can still be useful to have Elements around for some touch ups that are difficult to do non-destructively. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I tried DIYPhotobits, and man, it works! No complicated settings, not much to do, just connect the camera and folder where to go. Ana GR, Glad you found it useful! The DIYPhotobits program has been updated a number of times since I posted this so if anything it should be better than I have described above. Have you tried Nikontrol 3K? Thanks Matt.. Last Dec. It fired right up and after a few min. A wonderful tool indeed for my little home studio.

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As the PC was not on the net I had no way of seeking help for the issue. If anyone has a solution to the speed problem please let me know. In the mean time I just pop off a few exposures of my subject to check lighting placement and then un-tether for the real work. Thanks again Shipmate.. If you did end up getting Lightroom it should not have this same issue. Alternatively your D90 will support one of the SDK based tethering applications e.. Thank you for your time into this topic. Question for you and I realize by asking, you may not know but any direction is much appreciated …..